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What is nanotechnology and what is nano powder?



    The science of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale especially to build microscopic devices is nanotechnology. Nano powder is produced by nano technology. SAT nano supplies the advance nano powder to improve the material and promote the nano revolution.

    How small does nano means? For one micron equal to one thousand nanometer. And for a small hair is about 50 to 60 micron. I think you will have a sense about nano, which is really small.


    For the aims of nanotechnology aims is to build a better world. The nanotechnology could make technology revolution by use the nano scale powders. Nano powders now are widely used in difference fields to improve materials or machines efficiency and exquisite.

    Right now nanotechnology is still on the way to grow up and become more and stronger, sooner or later it will change the world. Nano powder, the small dots will be make thousands and thousands times contribution to the world. Currently stain resistant tennis shoes, paper batteries, self cleaning fabrics and solar cells, Li-betteries, materials that make sports and beauty products better. There is more and more research going on to create contribution in the medical field.




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